Choose between Shellyeah, moonbathe, noevils, pastel lp, beachbum, textures, goth ice, paisley, beach, tiedye, pirate, skullcream ASWELL AS OUR FOREVER PRINTS QC COLLECTION!!
This pre order will be open from 22.04.23-27.05.23 the turn around on this pre order will be up to 10 weeks FROM 27.05.23 - WHY THE LONG TURN AROUND? Printers can sometimes take longer than their ETA to me. Please note the turn around may be less its just a back up.
Please take the time scale into consideration when ordering for younger children.  The turn around may change but I have placed a saftey net turn around upon this pre order just incase there is any delays in fabric printers. 
Please note when purchasing you are agreeing to the turn around time, 
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